Vi tar i första hand emot elever som tränat med oss tidigare.
Nya elever från 14 år och vuxna tas emot i mån av att det finns plats.
Den här terminen tar vi inte emot nya elever till barngruppen.


We teach and train traditional Okinawa Nahate Goju-Ryu karate and Ryukyu Kobudo. Our form of Gojuryu is from Higa line and we teach the old way of pre worldwar II Gojuryu. Goju-Ryu has strong influences from Chinese martial arts .
Goju-Ryu is a very practical no-nonsense self defense art when trained properly.
We do not teach sportkarate. We have chosen the  way to preserve and develop the cultural heritage that Okinawa karate was intended to teach.  We teach Budokarate, martial arts with techniques to defend life and promote a healthy life with good character.
We emphasis on developing a strong body and mind through Martial Qigong , junbi undo, hojo undo and Sanchin Kata and learning proper breathing.

We also teach  the traditional form of Shitoryu Kaneta-ha (the old Motobu-ha tradition)

Child training is adapted to children and provides a good introduction and foundation for continued development within the karate.

The Academy is headed by its founder Erik Nilsson. Who started in karate 1971. He is a highranking instructor, Shihan graduated in both Gojuryu, Motobu-ha Shitoryu and Okinawa Ryukyu Kobudo. He holds the rank 8 Dan in Karate and 7 Dan in Ryukyu Kobudo. He holds the Kyoshi title . All ranks and designations issued in Japan. 


Shitoryu Kaneta-ha (Motobu-ha style)

Nahate Gojuryu Yuzenkai

Ryukyu Kobudo.