Traditionell karate


We train traditional Shitoryu and Goju-Ryu karate and the Ryukyu Kobudo.according to Karate's historical heritage from Okinawa.
We have chosen the  way to preserve and develop the cultural heritage that Okinawa karate was intended to teach. We do not teach sport karate  We teach Budokarate, martial arts with techniques to defend life and promote a healthy life with good character.
Child training is adapted to children and provides a good introduction and foundation for continued development within the karate.
Our main objective is to  practicing and preserving  the old authentic method of  Gojuryu.
Our Gojuryu represent the old ways of Goju-Ryu Higa line ,from the Yuzenkai .

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Shitoryu Kaneta-ha (Motobu-ha style)

Nahate Gojuryu Yuzenkai

Ryukyu Kobudo.
Traditionella vapen från Okinawa.