Erik Nilsson

Kancho / Head and Chief Instructor for Hikarikai Martial arts.

Vice President Gojuryu International Karate Kobudo, Yuzenkai, Head North Europe and Branch chief Sweden
Gojuryu and Ryukyu KobuDo.

Erik holds the rank : Kyoshi teaching license.
8 DAN in Gojuryu Karate
7 DAN Ryukyu Kobudo 
Graduated in Japan by Kazunori Omoto, Hanshi 9 Dan.
Gojuryu International Karate Kobudo Union YUZENKAI

Graduated 7 DAN in Motobu-ha shitoryu Karate  Japan by Toshio Kaneta, Soke 10 Dan.

Erik came in contact with and trained Gojuryu karate in the early 80's under the direction of Takashi Masuyama Östermalms karate club.

In recent years, the interest in Gojuryu has been revived and Erik has deepened the studies of the katas that have Gojuryu origin. Erik has completed the advanced course for Shihans in Hombu dojo Gojuryu Yuzenkai 2015 and obtained a Shihan license.
Erik is today mainly focused on teaching and exploring the
original techniques and tradition of Okinawa Nahate Gojuryu and Ryu kyu Kobudo. He serves as Vice President of Japan GIKKU YUZENKAI Representative of Northern Europe.

Erik has more than 45 years of experience in training and teaching Shitoryu Karate Do. In 1971 Erik began training karate in the city where he lived Södertälje under the direction of Kjell Eliasson, the style was ShitoRyo Shukokai, who was led internationally by Chojiro Tani (Tani ha Shito Ryu).

Erik joined after a few years to train directly under Tamas Weber (the founder of Shitoryu Sanshinkan) who was then Sweden's representative of Shukokai.

In 1997, Erik traveled to Japan to train directly under the direction of Soke Toshio Kaneta Seishinkai Martial Art Kaneta ha. During this time Erik also received training in Kobudo and Iado.
Erik is a direct student and representative of Soke Toshio Kaneta, Sogo Budo Kanetakai, Seishinkai Martial's arts Kaneta, International Motobu ha shitoryu Karate Do.

The Shitoryu tradition is preserved  by Hikarikai International Shitoryu Karate Do.


Kancho Erik Nilsson Hikarikai
Kancho Erik Nilsson Hikarikai
Soke Kaneta Seishinkai Martial arts  Kanetakai
Soke Kaneta Seishinkai Martial arts Kanetakai
Hanshi Omoto Gojuryu Yuzenkai
Hanshi Omoto Gojuryu Yuzenkai
Gujuryu Yuzenkai
Gujuryu Yuzenkai
Seishinkai Martial arts Kanetakai
Seishinkai Martial arts Kanetakai