ABOUT Hikarikai

In 2012 the Hikarikai Telge karate was established in Södertälje by Erik Nilsson.
The head instructor and founder is Erik Nilsson.
Erik also 2012 founded the Hikarikai International shitoryu karate do for the preservation of the teaching and legacy of  the shitoryu learned from Toshio Kaneta, Sogo Budo kanetakai

We practice Shitoryu and Goju-Ryu karate and the Ryukyu Kobudo.
For children and beginners we introduce them to Shitoryu . For youngsters and adults we later on introduce them to Gojuryu. 
You can make a choice to continue with shitoryu training if that suite you best. 

Our main objective is to  practicing and preserving  the old authentic method of  Gojuryu.
Our Gojuryu represent the old ways of Goju-Ryu Higa line ,from the Yuzenkai organisation. The founder of Yuzenkai, Yoshiaki Naganuma was a student of Kanki Izumikawa.
We are committed to practicing and preserving this authentic method of  Gojuryu karate.  
We also are commited to practicing and preserving the authentic method of Ryukyu Kobudo from the Yuzenkai organisation.

We are the Sweden Honbu Dojo for Yuzenkai Gojuryu and Ryukyu Kobudo.

  We are member of :
- Sweden National Karatefederation/ WKF
-Gojuryu International Karate Kobudo Union YUZENKAI Japan
-Martial Arts Kanetakai Japan  Shitoryu
- Hikarikai International Shitoryu Karate Do
Read about our different trainings under respective tab.

Our Honbu dojo is located in Södertälje.