Hikarikai International Shitoryu Karatedo

Estblished in 2012 by Erik Nilsson 7 Dan Japan Shitoryu Kyoshi.
Hikarikai International shitoryu Karatedo aims to preserv the 
teaching and legacy of  Toshio Kaneta, Sogo Budo kanetakai, ( Martial arts Kaneta) We practise traditional japanese martial arts, Motobu.ha shitoryu karate , kobudo goshinbudo and Iado of the traditional form of  Seishinkai Mugairyu.

Erik founded the association In recognition of his Sensei, Toshio Kaneta Soke, whom he studied for since 1997.
Erik has studied shitoryu karate since 1971 Tani- ha shitoryu
and since 1980 shitoryu motobu-ha.


Toshio Kaneta, Shodai Soke and Suprem Advisor. Martial Arts Kaneta (Sogo Budo Kanetakai) 
1937 -
Toshio Kaneta, Soke 10 DAN began practicing karate Gojuryu at age 5 under guidance of
Okuyama Hirioshi. Proceeded in 1964 to train Ishimine ryu under Ishimine Gensho.
In 1970 he became a student of Tomiya Hidetaka Seishinkai and met thereby Shogo Kuniba, Soke, Seishinkai and the succesor to Motobu ha shitoryu. Kaneta were already 1970 ranked 6 Dan.In 1972 Kaneta opened his own dojo in his hometown Fujioka.
1980 Kaneta was appointed as Branch chief  Gunma prefecture and  Federation Director Seishinkai board.
1985 kaneta was appointed Technical Director and responsible for the style's technical quality and responsible for  technical guidance to overseas Seishinkai Branches..

Kuniba moved in the early 80s to the US. 1989 Kaneta was appointed to 10 Dan and responsible for Seishinkai East Japan by Shogo Kuniba.
In the 80s Kaneta traveled around the world, together with Kuniba Shogo, and taught especially in North America and Canada

During the late 90s and early 2000s Kaneta taught at camp in Europe , France, Sweden.

1991 he was given the right of Soke Shogo Kuniba to form their own style (ryu) .Kaneta formed the World Motobu-ha Shitoryu Karate Do ,Martial Arts Kaneta Association (Sogo Budo Kanetakai) and the style Kaneta-ha, to carry on the tradition, which he learned and developed under the guidance of Kuniba Shogo within Seishinkai

In 2017 Kaneta took the position of Supreme advisor to the organisation KAI . His long time direct student Atsushi Negishi was appointed to 
new Soke, NidaiSoke for the Kai.

The style characteristics are quick direct movements but also soft flexible movements depending on the situation.

The style value the study of Bunkai and see Karate mainly as a martial arts and the development of your own character. The style bunkai is characterized by creativity and influences from Jujitsu, Akido and Goshin Budo. Kaneta has also integrated the knowledge of Shiatsu and the use of pressure against the body's sensitive parts
The style Kihon kata is Jin o kata 1-16.

Toshio Kaneta carry on the tradition of Shogo Kuniba and Seishinkai and passes it on through the martial arts Kaneta (Sogo Budo Kanetakai). The arts that are trained is Motobu-ha shitoryu, Goshin Budo, Kobudo and Mugai Ryu IADO.


Toshio Kaneta ,  Seishinkai 1989
Toshio Kaneta , Seishinkai 1989